Joins New York Players

realdealnycomlogo has just joined the New York market with a promise to highlight listings for as long as possible through a rotating display.

New York has seen plenty of property portal activity throughout 2010, including's New York expansion, the rise of "reverse search engine", and the launch of fee-free website says its model will help agents stand out in a crowded marketplace by displaying each ad on its homepage every three to four hours for the first one or two full days of the listing.

"With traditional real estate listing outlets, real estate professionals are often forced to re-post listings several times, at extra expense, just to keep them visible," explains Faina Reinhardt,'s CEO and co-founder. "That's an expense they shouldn't have to bear. We've given them continuous visibility, so apartment listings stay in the public's eye for as long as possible."

To draw in property hunters, is displaying listings complete with photos and price information without asking for registration. The portal is also cross-posting its listings to social platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.

According to's press release, partnerships have already been created with "numerous" real estate management companies, private owners, and brokerages such as Charles Rutenberg Realty.

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