Nestoria Goes Live in France


Property search engine Nestoria has now added France to the list of countries it covers with the launch of

This takes Nestoria's coverage to a total of six countries: five in Europe and the company's Australian offering, which went live earlier this year.

Nestoria co-founder Ed Freyfogle explains that has launched with portal partners including,,, and the regional brands of AtHome, which is owned by REA Group. More partners are expected to join over the coming months.

"As ever, we are big believers in release early and release often," says Freyfogle. "The site is far from perfect. Users should expect to see us get better over time as we learn. We welcome all feedback."

Freyfogle adds that Nestoria is planning to cover more countries outside Europe later this year. Detailed information on the launch of can be found on the search engine's French language blog.


  1. Jonathan Davies says:

    Does any one think Nestoria will try to break the USA market?

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Ed from Nestoria here. Glad to see you’re tracking our progress.

    Every market in the world is unique in terms of market structure, established players, and consumer preferences, but the US is one of the most different due to the MLS system.

    Never say never, but right now our focus is on learning from our partners and users to improve the experience in existing markets (including France), and expanding to a few other new (non-US) markets.

  3. No, I dont think they will enter the US market, nor should they.

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