Quadruples its Data


US online real estate broker has announced major upgrades to its website and improvements to its iPhone application.

The blog announces the website now shows photos, prices and “all the gory details” on every property sold over the past two years in almost every area serves. The addition of 9 million photos and 1.4 million recently sold properties has quadrupled the amount of information stored on the website. explains:

“Before the upgrade, we only showed public records of recent sales: the most basic facts about the property’s bedrooms and bathrooms, the price, no pictures, all after waiting two to twelve weeks for the records first to get recorded by the county, then aggregated by a data-collection service and then syndicated out to sites like ours. What we have up today is a big improvement.” says that within 15 minutes of a property being taken off the market registered users can expect to see pictures and the price on its website. has also introduced a trackbacks feature so that each time a blogger links to a listing on the website, links back to the blogger, allowing consumers to see what is being said about the property.

Upgrades have also been made to’s iPhone application, which was released in September offering an innovative photo upload option. says the application now offers more search options: filters by year built, lot size, days on, short sales and under contract. says the application, which reportedly accounts for 10 percent of its traffic on weekends, is now also much faster thanks to an improvement in its maps load time.

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