3br Searches Up at mynewplace.com


US apartment search website mynewplace.com has released internal data showing an increase in searches for three-bedroom apartments over one-bedroom apartments since January 2008.

Data from a sample of almost 10 million searches on mynewplace.com revealed a decrease in the number of searches for one-bedroom properties from just under 40 percent to just over 20 percent. Over the same period there was an increase in searches for three-bedroom properties from just under 20 percent to just over 30 percent.

The data also revealed that cities with high rental costs had the largest increases in the number of searches for three-bedroom properties. “The changing search patterns reflect an overall trend of renters looking for more economical housing options without sacrificing ideal locations and amenities,” a statement from mynewplace.com explained.

mynewplace.com was founded in 2005 by John Helm and provides a US apartment search to over 3 million users per month. The website added a Facebook connect in March this year, followed by an iPhone application in July. mynewplace.com reached the Hitwise Top 20 in May.

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