nytimes.com Launches Real Estate API


The New York Times’ online counterpart, nytimes.com, has announced a new real estate API (application programming interface) that provides an information database for New York home hunters. The API uses sales data from the New York City Department of Finance dating back to 2003 and New York Times classified listings from 2007 onwards.

This is the tenth API to emerge from the New York Times developer network. According to the announcement on the nytimes.com blog, “The API offers aggregate data divided into two sets: listings and actual sale prices. You can get the number (”counts”) of listings and sales per ZIP code, neighborhood and borough, for various building types and date ranges. You can also get percentile prices for listings and sales per ZIP code, neighborhood and borough, again for various building types and time periods.”

A review of the API on programmableweb.com points out that: "The API would be more useful if one could drill down from a result set into individual listings or sales, but like any well-constructed API there is a version number, so perhaps that feature will appear later."

The review suggests the API could be used to create “mashups” that show fluctuations in neighborhoods or types of properties - an idea echoed in a recent post from futureofrealestatemarketing.com.


  1. Very impressive, would be great to get something like that over here in the UK

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